Holistic Health Consultation

I invite you to email me at dr.brodski@holistichealthconsultancy.co.uk
outlining your main health concern and goals. I will email you to schedule your first appointment.

Whilst some of my patients become my regular patients, others feel improvement already after a few appointments and only need follow up from time to time.

In the email I will include a link to terms and conditions of how I work. Please take time to read them and sign them off electronically using the link.

Brian, my admin will provide you with payment details. Once that has gone through. He will confirm your appointment.

The Ts & Cs

I work with the UK population, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. This is because I’m a GP with a British licence to practice.

This holistic health consultation service isn’t for:
1. emergencies
2. getting your usual medication, such as antibiotics
3. your regular prescription
4. any investigations, like blood tests or scans.

I focus purely on the holistic approach. Your usual GP will still provide mainstream medicine.


Current Prices face to face & zoom appointments.

First consultation 1 hour long £150
Follow up, Bach remedies and Emotional Freedom Technique £90 (half an hour)

1st consultation 1 hour long £90
Follow up £50 (half an hour)

Cancellation Policy

If you need to change your appointment, you need to tell me at least 48 hours before we’re due to start. You’ll need to pay the full amount if you don’t.

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