“Working with Dr Brodski, I received deep listening, empathy, acceptance and support while on a holistic path towards better health. I recommend her with all my heart.”


“I found Dr Brodski to be very knowledgeable as well as intuitive in her diagnosis – and practical in her suggested treatment plan. She was able to put me at ease and give me confidence in achieving a positive outcome.”


“I have complex endocrine problems, resulting in a number of troublesome and painful symptoms. Whilst my NHS doctors have balanced my medications to a point, I still did not feel well and did not wish to add in any further medications. I appreciated speaking to Dr Brodski, who heard my story in an unhurried way, and involved me in decisions about ways to take things forwards. I feel we have made progress: my energy levels are higher and I have made a number of lifestyle changes to support my health. Dr Brodski is also a good listener and I felt better psychologically for having spoken to her.”