Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance. This policy explains how I collect, store and use your private data.

What personal information do I collect?
You’ll give me information like your name, phone number, and email address when you get in touch. You might also choose to tell me health-related information during our consultations.

How do you use my information?
I use it to communicate with you, book, change or cancel appointments, as well as to send you prescriptions and invoices. Anything you tell me during our consultations, I’ll only use to make my decisions around your health plan.

How do you store my information?
I follow GDPR rules, and keep your data safe using purpose built software with inbuilt security.

Will you share my personal information?
With your consent, I might share information like your name and address when I give you a prescription.

How can you control your personal information?
At any point, you can ask me to delete or change your personal information.

Are there any exceptions?
Yes. One.

If I believe you, someone close to you, or a minor might be in mortal danger, abused or neglected, I have a duty to tell the police or similar.

Website Cookies

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