Online Holistic Health Services

I offer a wide range of effective online holistic health services that include: Anthroposophic Medicine; Emotional Freedom Technique;  Bach Remedies; Mindfulness and Life style

Anthroposophic Medicine

Achieving and maintaining health throughout life is a journey. I invite you to travel this journey consciously with the benefit of foresight.

We achieve and maintain a healthy balance within which frees up and activates our natural healing forces and vitality of the organism. This is one of the first steps towards recovery and creating lasting health. I invite you onto a journey towards achieving and maintaining balance in your life and health.

We are healthy when we are following our dreams, have balance and resilience in our feelings, healthy vitality and a well-functioning physical body. When you work with me, I help you improve your health within the context of your daily rhythms, your goals, dreams and your entire biography.

How we work together depends entirely on your health conditions and how you want to work. For example, we may work with natural remedies in a form of pillules/tablets/ external applications, teas or injections. I may be recommending specific types of mindfulness, specific lifestyle adjustments etc. Or I may refer you for eurythmy/art therapy or family constellation therapy….

As a little side note: whilst reducing some of your mainstream medication, if you take any, may be a welcome side effect of our work together, it is never the goal.

Online Holistic Health

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT helps us change negative feelings & even thinking patterns.

Everyone goes through emotional suffering at some point. Often, such suffering can build up when we focus on a painful experience. We get stuck.

Counselling can help. But profoundly painful experiences leave an imprint on our energy. And talking about them doesn’t always go far enough. This is when EFT can help. It is a simple tool to help us sooth and transform our emotions.

Bach Remedies

These 38 flower essences help us work through & learn from our emotions.

The way we think and feel plays a powerful role in our health and wellbeing. So we can use Bach Remedies to be more aware of our emotional and thinking states. This is especially useful when we get stuck. Bach remedies let us transform these states and restore healthy emotional flow and balance.

Life style

Lifestyle is the most powerful tool for achieving lasting health.

What is lifestyle? Really its everything from our food, daily rhythm, and exercise to our thoughts, feelings and even the way we interact with those around us.

At times, we’ve all had varied results when working on our lifestyles. The reason often lies in over-committing, focusing on too many areas at once, lack of motivation, and the lack of consistency.

During our work together, I’ll help you focus on the most relevant area, now. So you can get results through simple steps and consistency.


“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha

In my experience, modern life is full of stress, distractions and demands. Have you noticed how people with good health all practice mindfulness? And the benefits of mindfulness go way beyond our state of mind.

Certain simple exercises can help you recover from illness and improve your health and wellbeing in general. It’s a key part of a healthy and happy life.

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