Coronavirus: strengthen your immune system

Isolating ourselves and wearing masks is just one side of the story. The other side is what we can do to strengthen ourselves to make our system resilient to coronavirus.

Holistic or more precisely Anthroposophic perspective is very empowering for all of us. According to it we consist of 4 components: our physical body, our energy body or our vitality , our body of emotions and our individuality.

We can strengthen ourselves on all 4 levels.

Starting with the physical level

  1. Relieving the body of unnecessary stress of toxins: alcohol, smoking, toxic emotions, processed foods such as chocolate, yes, chocolate! It’s no so harmless! Supporting our liver. It is the main organ that deals with neutralising toxins. Milk Thistle, Yarrow tea are some examples.


  1. Increasing daily vitamin C intake: one lime or lemon a day. Our immunity is weak when we are vitamin C deficient. Most people are vitamin C deficient.


  1. Take regular Vitamin D (sunshine vitamin) in the UK most people are deficient even in the middle of the summer. (I’ve tested hundreds of people) We know that people who are vitamin D deficient do worse when they catch Covid than those who have good vitamin D levels. Get a blood test. You might need a higher dose vitamin D if you are profoundly deficient.
  2. Alkalinise: reduce the intake of animal produce, do green juicing weekly if you can. Here is one of my videos on juicing: 5.
  3. If you do contract coronavirus, consider

One: allowing yourself to have fever. It’s the optimum temperature for our bodies to neutralise bacteria and viruses

Two: resting from day one of illness. This will allow your organism to focus it’s energies on firing the virus early on so that the outcome will be much better than if you continued to work. Go to bed with a hot water bottle, hot honey and lemon drinks…

Going on to the Energy level:

All of the above help energy level. Specific items here is cultivating rhythm in your life: predominantly regular sleeping hours. Shift work is very unhealthy for humans. Meals at regular times also help.

Moving to the level of our feelings:

You know how our immunity is suboptimal when we are anxious and depressed, and full of toxic feelings.

  1. If you are not already into mindfulness, it’s the only way out. Finding something that speaks to you and doing it daily is the way forward.
  2. In addition practicing gratitude will help you quickly shift out of negative destructive mood. I do it daily for minimum of 5 minutes sometimes for much longer depending on the challenges that day presents.

Moving onto the level of our individuality:

The simplest way of thinking about it is what makes you – you. What are your most precious dreams and aspirations? Connecting with those and incorporating striving for those dreams and aspirations is of paramount importance to our health from Anthroposophic medical perspective. This is the source of our internal strength. If you are not sure where to start. Just start by writing your dreams down as outrageous as they are. If you can have an personal development coach, that’s awesome!

Vaccine, really?

Now to the societal perspective and to the most controversial thing of all in anthro medicine: vaccination! Traditionally in anthro medicine vaccines are looked at as undesirable. However this was 100 years ago in the context of preventing feverish childhood illnesses. Now we are dealing with a world-wide pandemic that has meant loss of many lives, people lost jobs, businesses went under, loved ones cannot see each other and the economy is suffering. In this context, if vaccine is going to help us overcome this situation and find our new normality, it is worth it. And I am prepared to have the vaccine for the sake of our community.

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