Green Juicing Made Easy

I suggest you take up green juicing!

If you have a condition, green juicing will help you heal. If you are healthy, green juicing will help you stay healthy. Preventative medicine is the best one for obvious reasons!Having green juice a few times a week is super cleansing. It reduces the amount of inflammation in the body. Green juice will help you manage conditions ranging from inflammatory arthritis to hepatitis, diabetes, autoimmune conditions and cancer

I share my juicing method with you. It is simple and quick. If I can do it, so can you!

You need greens such as 
Cavolo nero
And ginger. 

Do not add any fruit or root vegetables. Sugar in those will ferment. And the juice will go off. 

If you make pure green juice (ginger root is allowed!), it will keep in the fridge for up to a week. 

I drink it in the morning on empty stomach. If you are not used to this or have gastritis, you may feel sick at first. It’s ok to water the juice down initially. Always stir the juice before pouring some for yourself. It separates out slightly whilst in the fridge.

It is great to use organic or even biodynamic greens. But it’s better to make an ‘imperfect juice’ with whatever you can get NOW, than to put it off till you can get ‘perfect’ ingredients.

You also need a ‘Nut milk bag’ to strain the mixture through to separate the juice from the pulp. You can get those on eBay or amazon.  

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