Holistic Health & Losing Weight Easily

It does not have to be such a struggle and the focus of your entire day.

Tune in your hormones to help you lose weight.

I am talking about insulin.

Keep it low.


By avoiding sugar bombs.

What sugar bombs?

Large portions of foods that release sugar fast. They are not only cakes and sweet drinks but also potatoes for example.

The speed at which sugar comes out of a food is called glycaemic index. It ranges between 0 and 115.

Here is a beautiful website that allows you to check glycaemic index of most foods. The index conveniently colour coded. Stick with green and yellow and eat less of high GI index foods that come as green. This will gradually modulate your average insulin to much lower levels.


Insulin is a hormone that makes you feel hungry all the time and puts your body in a fat storing mode!  Reduce your insulin and you will initiate fat burning process.

Let it be slow and gradual process.


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