How do I keep myself as healthy as I possibly can?

How do I keep myself as healthy as I possibly can?

Healthy immune system from a holistic/spiritual perspective is a reflection of the integrity of our fourfold structure:

  1. Spirit/ our I
  2. Soul
  3. Energy or Etheric body and our
  4. Physical body

Where our Spirit is in control of our Soul;

Our Soul works harmoniously into our Etheric body and

Our Etheric body, guided by our Spirit and Soul, looks after the

Physical body maintaining, healing and repairing it.

What predisposes us to illness and poor immune system?

Numerous irregularities can arise in the way our Spirit, Soul, Etheric body and Physical body interact with each other.

The most common problem we have in our modern life is that there is a tendency for our Energy or Etheric bodies to become weakened. There are numerous things in modern life that weaken our Etheric bodies. Anything that disconnects us at our core from what we have to do has a weakening effect on our Etheric body.

Examples of influences that weaken our Etheric body

  • Doing jobs that we do not love
  • Multitasking
  • Modern ways of learning e.g. cramming
  • Irrelevant information overload…


What do our Spirit, Soul, Etheric and Physical bodies need to be healthy in themselves?

I am going to oversimplify matters to illustrate this point

  • On the level of Spirit, we need purpose. Research has shown people with a strong sense of purpose in life have stronger immune systems than those who do not.
  • Healthy Soul has a balance of feelings and a certain sense of equanimity
  • Healthy etheric body needs heathy rhythm i.e. regular times for meals, for sleep etc.
  • Healthy Physical body amongst other things needs healthy nutrition and exercise.

However these are basics. The real question is:

 How can we strengthen ourselves and our immune system?

Simple steps we can take to strengthen ourselves & our immune system

To make it super simple, we need to strengthen

  1. Our Energy or Etheric body
  2. We need to strengthen the control of our I or our Spirit over our Soul

Here are exercises that are very simple yet very powerful when done consistently

Strengthening our Etheric bodies

  • Placing an object we need daily in different locations every night whilst being very present and impressing the act and the situation upon ourselves. This exercise has a beautiful side effect in that it strengthens our memory. The object has to be simple and man-made (not very exciting for the exercise to work)
  • Changing a habit such as handwriting/ eating with a non-dominant hand, walking differently etc
  • Thinking through events in reverse for instance thinking through our day backwards in the evening.

Strengthening the mastery of our Spirit over our Soul

It’s the same as strengthening our will

  • Forgoing a wish that is harmless to leave unsatisfied
  • Weighing up pros and cons of any decisions, for example being able to see the drawbacks of an action you decided to take
  • Viewing others objectively, taking our personal relationship with that person out of the equation
  • Refraining from making unnecessary judgements

This is a lot to grasp. It took me years. Here is a reference. Most of it is in the book by

Rudolf Steiner ‘How to Cure Nervousness’. It tends to be available from Amazon

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