Preventing Illness & Ageing Gracefully

“My heart attack was a wake-up call”, this is what I often hear from my patients. Why wait so long? Why not prevent this from happening?

Like doctors can predict illnesses often long time before it manifest by looking at your life tyle, so can you. Why not look at your health, and your current health conditions if you have any and extrapolate, say, 10, 20 etc years forward? If you don’t like what you see, let’s think about what you can do on daily basis to improve your health.

Health could be like a savings account where we make small deposits on daily basis for the future. Same goes for graceful ageing. Youngsters depend on us ageing gracefully and being an inspiration to them in every way. Let’s do it not just for our enjoyment but for the whole of humanity!

If you are unsure what you need to change to improve your health, I am here to help.

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