How can you strengthen your immune system?

The 4 levels:

  1. Physical:
  2. Nutrition: add vitamin C : lime or lemon a day. Drink this juice with water through a straw to protect your teeth daiy. (You already know the basics: more fruit & veg, organic, biodynamic if possible, less processed food, keep animal products down to a minimum. They produce inflammation in the body. If you can do juicing. That’s a great addition)

Exercise do all 3 of these types of exercise at least 2ce a week.

Cardiovascular: running, swimming, treadmill, cycling etc

  • Stretches: yoga pilates
  • Strengthening/ muscle building: weight lifting, yoga, pilates.
  • Stretching: yoga, pilates etc.
  1. Rhythm: sleep at regular times, exercise at regular times, etc let your body build strength through stable healthy routine.
  2. Balanced feelings and thinking. I suggest practice mindfulness that works for you daily. Do not settle for a mindfulness. Search for the right thing for You that you feel works for YOU!
  3. Have direction in life: set intention & goals for the day, week, month, a year and your entire life that is in line with your values. Being true to yourself and what you truly love supports your health, your body and your immune system.

Here is a beautiful way to determine your values by Dr John Demartini:

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